Hall of Stairs is a room in the Dark Agon Wastes. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


When Samus first enters the room, she finds herself in a small passageway with a Light Beacon in it which opens up to a larger area.

In the open area is a pillar, and behind it are two Bladepods for energy and a Light Crystal for protection. On the back of the pillar is a Lift Crystal, which controls the pillar's position. The pillar can be raised or lowered by shooting the crystal with the Light or Dark Beam, respectively. If it is lowered Samus can jump on it and onto a higher passageway with another protective Light Crystal and the exit.

The Aether version of this room is Sand Processing.

Connecting rooms[]


Light Beacon
"Xenotech: Luminoth Light Beacon
Generates protective field when energized.
Light Beacons must be energized by Beam weapon fire to function, and remain charged for a limited time."
"Morphology: Bladepod
Living storage units of the Ing Horde.
These Ing morph their bodies around useful items to protect them. They rely on larger Ing for protection."
"Structural analysis complete.
Object contains a number of motivator units. It appears to be a component in some sort of transportation system."
Light Lift Crystal
"Xenotech: Light Lift Crystal
Energized by dark-based weapons.
Luminoth lift platform will lower when Crystal is energized by dark weaponry."
Dark Lift Crystal
"Xenotech: Dark Lift Crystal
Energized by light-based weapons.
Luminoth lift platform will raise when Crystal is energized by light-based weaponry."