The Hall of the Elders is a room in the Chozo Ruins area of Metroid Prime. It is an area where Samus encounters Chozo Ghosts, and the location of a Chozo Statue. It is a large, arena-like room surrounded by Holobanners and Radiation collectors and houses a Morph Ball tunnel to a Missile Station, multiple White Doors and three Bomb Slots. They can each be activated with the Wave, Ice, and Plasma Beams, and when used, the room will alter itself to lead to the Ice Beam, an Energy Tank, and the Artifact of World. After each slot has been used, a message saying "A new path has been opened." appears onscreen. There is a Force Field that can be deactivated allowing Samus easier access. When the room is first entered, Samus will only encounter one Chozo Ghost, but if she returns, there will be three.

Connecting roomsEdit

Deep Chozo Ruins Screenshot (44)

The attached Missile Station.



Hall of the Elders Statue NPC!

The Chozo Statue that assists Samus in obtaining various items.

Energy Tank
To collect this, Samus must activate the White Bomb Slot then go into Morph Ball in the Chozo Statue's hands.


Radiation collector
"Radiation collector designed to absorb and store solar energy. They appear largely decorative."
Holobanner (1)
"The Elder's greatest power lies beyond the second lock."
Holobanner (2)
"Chozo runes translated. Holobanner text reads 'The Hall of the Elders.'"
Chozo Elder statue
"Identified as statue of a Chozo Elder. According to Chozo lore, these statues served as the watchful guardians of tombs and shrines. Its outstretched hands are empty, as if awaiting an offering."
"Safety shield online. Window secure."
Inactive Morph Ball Slots
"Some sort of plug is covering this slot. Minor energy readings indicate that a small explosive device is installed."
Morph Ball Slot (used)
"This device was previously activated and shut itself off automatically."
"Mechanical structure of bridge indicates it can be rotated."
Wave Beam Slot
"The field covering this slot is comprised of an erratic energy wavelength."
Ice Beam Slot
"The field covering this slot is comprised of an energy signal that appears to be affected by cold."
Plasma Beam Slot
"The field covering this slot is comprised of an energy signal that appears to be affected by heat."
Interface Module
"Safety shield offline. Use caution near window."


  • The theme of the Hall of the Elders was remixed for the Wall Jump minigame in Metroid Prime Pinball. When entering the Missile Station within the room, the music changes to "General Recharge".
  • The Hall of the Golems on Bryyo is similar to the Hall of the Elders.
  • Strangely, fire is seen to be emanating from the statue's eyes while the Ghosts are around. There is no known explanation for this.
  • The Chozo Elder statue in this room has an unused scan: "Identified as statue of Chozo Elder. Chozo lore indicates these statues protected tombs from evil spirits."
  • Ironically, corrupt Chozo Ghosts are present in the room.


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