An outside view of the Harvester

The Harvester is a multiplayer stage in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is a map with two parallel sides (one orange and one green), a middle section, and three levels. This map holds every Affinity Weapon in the game. The Imperialist is located between the two spawn points on the same side next to an Ultra Energy Capsule (replenishes 100 energy) and two UA units. The Volt Driver is located on the second level in the middle area for each side. The Battlehammer and Shock Coil spawn on the first level of the orange side, leaving the Magmaul and Judicator on the green side. Two Missile Ammo units spawn on the second level exactly on the border of the sides. Below the Missiles are two more UA units. There are Jump Pads that can be used to reach the second floor, and a single Jump Pad that normally takes the hunter to the Imperialist that can also be used to get to the third floor by jumping on one of the platforms. A cloak spawns at the top. Harvester is not available by default and is unlocked after playing 12 multiplayer games.

Harvester inside multiplayer

The inside part of the Harvester

This map slightly resembles SkyTown, Elysia as a floating city over a planet. Hunters preceded Metroid Prime 3: Corruption by one year, however.

The music playing in the level is also present in Arcterra-located multiplayer stages, suggesting the Harvester is related to Arcterra. Finally, the sky is similar to the Sylux scene in the game's opening intro cutscene, which may or may not represent Sylux's homeworld Cylosis.

If looking at the arms extending from the map, it is possible to walk on a ledge using Sylux's alternate Bomb Jump via the Lockjaw's Electric Bombs. Starting from the third floor at the very left or right of the map, Sylux must rapidly fire to slowly drift down and possibly land on extents from the arms.


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