Right, you're due in the meeting room. The big dogs are waiting! I gave your suit a polish so you'd be at least somewhat presentable.

—Head Quarantine Officer

The Head Quarantine Officer is featured in Metroid: Other M. He awakens Samus Aran from her bed in a quarantine room, telling her that "everything is normal". After the other Quarantine Officer asks her to go next door, he then prompts her to start a training sequence and directs her throughout it.

It is revealed that he has some relationship to the ringleaders on the BOTTLE SHIP as MB states that particles of the baby and Ridley were removed from Samus' Power Suit and imported to the ship. The officer states that he "polished" her suit during the conversation, which implies that he took the particles that were sent to the BOTTLE SHIP.

This man bears heavy physical resemblance to Dan Owsen.


  • He wears glasses for short-sightedness.[1]
  • His line after Samus demonstrates the Power Bomb - "allow adequate room around you during Power Bomb play" - references the Wii Remote safety screen that appears before every game.[2]
  • The Head Quarantine Officer does not appear in the Characters log of the pause screen. The reason for this is unknown, as every other individual Samus meets during her adventure appears with a description on their status. This trait is also shared with The Colonel.
  • If looked at via Examine, the Head Quarantine Officer will wave at Samus.
  • It is unknown whether the Officer was ever directly involved in the BOTTLE SHIP conspiracy, or was in fact kept ignorant of the true motives behind his instructions. However, the Officer appears nervous when he describes the procedure to Samus. The fact that he seems to have had something to hide strongly suggests that he was indeed aware of the plan.



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