Not to be confused with a Headshot.

An outside view of Head Shot.

Head Shot is a space station found at an unknown location. It can only be accessed in the Metroid Prime Hunters multiplayer. This is one of three levels not found in the Hunters story mode, the other two being Outer Reach and Harvester. The arena has four large satellites located at a set distance from the main section of the arena. These satellites are spawn locations, and make for a good health recharging area with the yellow Energy Capsules being found there. The satellites can be accessed via use of a Jump Pad and can be reached by the main area's boost tunnels or jumping. Head Shot has the lowest gravity of any arena in Metroid Prime Hunters as it has a great percentage of area open to the realms of space, making it on par with many areas of the Celestial Archives explored on the second visit. It is possible that it is somehow related to the Vesper Defense Outpost, as it shares the theme music of all stages based on VDO rooms.

Head Shot is not available by default; only after completing a four-player match can Head Shot be unlocked for play.


An interior of Head Shot, containing a Deathalt power-up.

Battle/Survival/Prime Hunter[]

Alt-Forms play a key role in accessing all of the Head Shot arena's locations, and Kanden's Stinglarva is one of the easiest to control. Also, his charged Volt Driver seeks foes, a perfect fit for the area's open spaces.


The Capture Mode bases are on floating platforms. Samus's homing Missiles allow her to shoot accurately while she is in midair on her way to them.


Sylux is not required to use Jump Pads to reach the energy recharging satellites while in Lockjaw mode. Three rapidly placed bombs while Sylux moves will propel the Bounty Hunter across the gap.


Spire and Noxus have a glitch with this level. By using the Jump Pads located on the satellites, if one of them is in Alt-Form and uses his attack, he will be juggled between the Jump Pad and the boost tunnel.

Using a character that can lay bombs, it is possible to use the low gravity to fly up to the invisible ceiling and fly across the map by laying bombs.


  • The stage's name is possibly derived from a technique that can be performed in this game.