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"Heated shafts" is a room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The room consists of a pair of tall shafts that can be traversed with the Kick Climb, and an L-shaped corridor in between them. The first shaft is ascended, while the second is descended. There are several Sovas on the walls of both shafts, which may interrupt Samus's movements if she comes in contact with them. The second shaft has a longer drop and several Grab Ledges on the left wall, with a retractable door on the right wall. A sensor above the door can be shot in Search View to activate the door, causing it to lift up enough for Samus to roll under it in her Morph Ball. The passage behind it exits into a Navigation Booth leading into the other side of the "lava cavern", where Samus continues to the Crater Interior.

Samus shoots a Sova while climbing the first shaft.

The lower part of the second shaft is exposed to extreme heat, making it dangerous for Samus until she is authorized to use the Varia Feature. At the bottom is a pool of lava to the left. After Samus self-authorizes the Space Jump, she can jump to another Missile Tank on a ledge past the lava. A low-hanging gate acts as a left wall for Samus to Wall Jump back up and exit the room.

Later, Samus comes to a similar room after the Geothermal Power Plant, which also features two shafts and a sensor-activated door.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank 1
Requires Super Missiles. Above the first shaft is a blast shield. Destroying it with a Super Missile opens up the ceiling and allows Samus to Kick Climb up to an alcove, where this tank is found.
Missile Tank 2
Requires Space Jump. Samus must drop to the bottom of the shaft and Space Jump to the left side over the lava. The tank is on a ledge on the other side.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 79
"Pass through the hatch on the right and Kick Climb up the tall shaft, blasting Mellas as you go. When you reach the top level, follow the winding hallway to another elevator shaft, this one leading down. Slide down the left side of the shaft until you can see the small plate on opposite wall. Hit it with your Charge Beam to open the hatch below it just a bit. Leap across the shaft to open hatch and hoist yourself into the next passageway."

This description is erroneous, as there are Sovas, but no Mellas here on the first visit.

Note: "If you drop all the way down to the bottom of the shaft, you’ll find a long lava-filled hallway. You can’t traverse it just yet, so leave it for now."
Page 158
"At the end of this hall, look up to the top of the shaft. Locate a sealed hatch and blow it up with a Super Missile. Once it’s open, jump out and Kick Climb up into a room with the Missile Tank!"
Page 158
"After acquiring your Space Jump ability, return to this shaft and drop all the way down. Bounce off the small fence area and Space Jump left, over the lava. On the other side of the lava is a ledge with a Missile Tank. This one is a bit tricky, so you may have to try more than once."