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"Space Pirate encrypted data decoded."

The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.

Metroid Prime 3 Packaging

Heion2 (as named internally) is a brooding ambience theme in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It plays in rooms in the game where there are no enemies or no immediate threat, such as in the Ready Room prior to Fleet Admiral Castor Dane's briefing, the Falls of Fire in Bryyo Cliffside, or rooms in Pirate Homeworld during Samus's first visit, prior to her detection by the Space Pirates. After the assault, the theme is replaced on the Pirate Homeworld by a remix of Crateria - The Space Pirates Appear from Super Metroid. It should be noted that "heion" is Japanese for "peaceful". It is one of two "heion" themes, with the other being "Heion1".

The theme can be heard here.

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