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The "Hi-Jump room" is a room in Norfair. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. A different room that serves the same purpose appears in Super Metroid.


In all games, this room contains the High Jump Boots, or Hi-Jump, in the hands of a Chozo Statue. In Zero Mission, the Spring Ball is also awarded with the power-up.


In Metroid, the room is much like the other item rooms on Zebes, consisting of metal architecture. A lone Chozo Statue is located on a higher ledge in a seated position, holding the Boots encased in an Item Sphere. A large pool of lava is visible below the room. Underneath the ledge leading up to the statue, Samus can lay a Bomb to reveal a secret entrance into a pipe under the statue. This leads through a wall of purple bubble material into a hidden back area, which is comprised of clay-colored bricks over an open pool of lava. Two walls back here can be overcome by freezing a Ripper II or Squeept and using them as platforms. At the far left end of this room is a group of four small bubble platforms, which Samus must carefully jump across to get to the door.

In Victory Techniques for Metroid, Samus obtains the High Jump Boots in this room before leaving, and returns after finding the Varia Suit to explore the rest of the room. She falls off of the small bubble platforms and takes damage from the lava, before escaping it and successfully jumping to the exit.

Zero Mission[]

The back half of the room in Zero Mission.

In Zero Mission, the front half of the room is now a much tighter space. It is composed of blue architecture, with a curving wall covered in etched Chozo markings visible in the background. The Chozo Statue holding the Hi-Jump is found on a lower ledge, above the now plainly obvious tunnel. Like other statues in Zero Mission, Samus can morph into its hands after collecting the item to replenish her energy and Missile Ammo. Upon entering the back half of the room, there is now a screen transition.

While the Silence theme plays in the first half, the standard Norfair theme plays in the back area. This part of the room is now superheated, making it dangerous for Samus if she does not have the Varia Suit. The lava is still present, but is much more shallow and there are fewer enemies. Directly above Samus is a cramped rocky overhang from above, with Fake Blocks impeding her path. As in the original game, a tall wall stands in her way, but it can be scaled by freezing and standing on a Squeept to get to its other side.

Super Metroid[]

In Super Metroid, the original room has been removed and the Hi-Jump is found elsewhere in Norfair. It can be obtained almost immediately after venturing into Norfair for the first time. The new room is set in a cave with metal architecture, including a lower platform on which the Chozo Statue holding the Hi-Jump sits, and a raised platform where Samus enters. A partially destructible wall divides the two halves. Samus can shoot the upper part of the wall and jump over the other half to get to the High Jump. This room acts as a hidden tutorial for the item, as Samus becomes able to jump over the undestroyed part of the wall with the High Jump's added altitude. Afterwards, there is no reason to revisit this room.

The High Jump can be skipped in all of its appearances, meaning this room does not have to be visited on Low Percent Runs.

Connecting rooms[]

Metroid and Zero Mission[]

Super Metroid[]


The Super Metroid room has no enemies.


Zero Mission[]


High Jump Boots/Hi-Jump
In all three games, in the Chozo Statue's hands.

Official data[]

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

POINT 7 (pg. 58)
"When you want to move to walls or high places that you can't reach with a normal jump, freeze an enemy with your Ice-Beam, step on it, and use it as stairs to climb up."
POINT 8 (pg. 58)
"There is also a combination technique using a round ball with a bomb. You don't have to turn back when you come up against a wall that you think is a dead end."

Victory Techniques for Metroid Samus dialogue[]

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Page 83: I've discovered another Item Statue!! This time, the item is the High Jump!

Page 90: First, I'll set Bombs here in the room where the High Jump was. Then a hole opens and I can pass through the wall ahead.

Page 91: After exiting the wall, there's some tall rocks ahead. There are three kinds of enemies inside!! Don't be hasty! [Multiviola description] In that case, I'll freeze them with the Ice Beam.

Page 92: This Ripper II is a boost for my jump!!

Page 93: Oh my gosh!! There aren't any platforms here!? And there are Dragons spitting fire from below!! I'll lose energy the instant I fall into that lava! [she indeed falls] WHAT!? I couldn't reach it!!

[Tutorial] Jump where the arrow shows.

Samus Aran

Nintendo Power Volume 60[]

Grab a Tank, Boots and Missiles (pg. 16)
"You'll find several special items in this lucrative area."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

"The hi-jump boots are another critical booster, they do just as the name suggests."

Metroid Prime: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

016 BOMB DOWN, JUMP HIGH (p. 132)
"After you descend into Norfair, run to the right, through a lava-filled corridor, and drop to the floor of a blue-bubble shaft. Plant Bombs on the ground to blast through to a deeper shaft. Drop to a hatch on the left side, enter another dangerous corridor and continue on to the High Jump Boots."
"By using Bombs in the room where you collected the High Jump Boots, you can uncover a path to one of the corridors that runs through the middle of Norfair."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

111 hi-jump (pg. 52)
"The Hi-Jump is on the left side of a corridor that is loaded with flying enemies. After you clear the corridor, you'll be free to collect the item. Use it to leap large and hop in ball form."
"Use the Speed Booster to descend into Norfair's middle-right section and return to the Chozo Statue that gave you the Hi-Jump. After you restore your energy and missile supplies, roll under the statue and into the very hot room, blast through the middle of a rock formation, jump up and move left. Continue to bomb and jump until you reach the next blue hatch."