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The "hidden tank shaft" is a room in Brinstar. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission, and it did not exist in the original Metroid.


The shaft is a new room that is only reachable via an entrance in the blue-tinted shaft, and only when the Bombs have been acquired. This is because the entrance, in a small box, is sealed by a Bomb Block. It initially appears as a tunnel that ends in two Pit Blocks on the far left side. This drops into a small chamber with a midair platform crawling with Zoomers, and two more Pit Blocks in the floor. On the left is a very shallow pool of acid with a Missile Tank on a pedestal above. A pair of Pit Blocks on the right allows Samus to drop down and through another tunnel on the bottom right.

There is also a Super Missile Tank in this room, but obtaining it is requires more effort. To do so, Samus must run in Corridor No. 5 until her Speed Booster activates, then charge a Shinespark. She must Ballspark from the entrance door through part of the wall in the gold-colored shaft, into the small chamber and out into the blue shaft. She must quickly preserve her Shinespark (by pressing Down on the D-pad) and jump, using the Spring Ball, onto the platform directly above her, then Ballspark left. She will launch back into this room and through a group of Boost Blocks, and she can then access the Super Missile Tank.

In the normal course of events, Samus would first obtain Super Missiles from Imago's hideout. However, by obtaining the Super Missile Tank in this room as soon as Samus collects the Speed Booster in Kraid and the Hi-Jump in Norfair, she can avoid fighting the Imago and therefore save time, which is useful in a speedrun.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
Requires Bombs. See above.
Super Missile Tank
Requires Speed Booster and Hi-Jump. See above.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

063 missile tank (pg. 42)
"As you drop down the left shaft, you'll see a covered ledge on the left wall. Freeze the flier near the ledge and hop from the frozen enemy to the blocks above the ledge. Then blast through a block, drop and roll to a path where you'll encounter a Missile Tank and a high concentration of enemies."
"After you collect the Missile Tank near the left shaft, you'll drop to the proximity of a Super Missile Tank. It's protected by Speed Booster Blocks. You won't be able to get it until you can blast through the barricade."
199 super missile tank (pg. 73)
"Run left from the lower-right corridor. Stop at the shaft and return to the corridor while still charged. Jog down the slope, open the hatch and blast off to the left in ball form. Press Down to stop after the next slope.
Your stop after the slope will allow you to retain your charge. Bomb through the floor, then hop up and blast off to the left again. You'll blaze through the next shaft and stop at the Super Missile Tank."