The High Jump Boots upgrade.

The High Jump Boots (ハイジャンプブーツ Hai Janpu Būtsu?) (previously known as the High JumpHi-Jump, Hi-Jump Boots and High Jump Upgrade[1]) are an upgrade exclusive to the 2-D styled Metroid games. As indicated by the name, the Boots allow Samus Aran to jump much higher. In Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission, the Spring Ball is granted along with the boots.

It is often possible to completely skip the High Jump Boots in many of the games. Metroid Fusion makes an exception, where Sequence Breaking isn't possible with upgrades.

Official data[]

Metroid manual[]

Metroid artwork.

Hi Jump Boots M.gif"With these boots, Samus can jump one-and-a-half times higher than she normally can. Jumping high walls to get to new zones are no problem to her with these. Be sure to get ahold of them."

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"When you get these boots, Samus’ jumping power will increase one-and-a-half times. Even items which couldn’t be reached before because of their location can be obtained easily with these."

Metroid II: Return of Samus manual[]

Metroid II artwork.

Hi Jump Boots M2.gif"With these boots, Samus can jump more than twice as high as she normally can."
"This increases Samus' Jumping [sic] ability tremendously."

Super Metroid manual[]

Hi Jump Boots SM.gif"The Hi-Jump Boots allow Samus to reach higher places."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

"Increases jumping distance.
Location: Norfair."

"The hi-jump boots are another critical booster, they do just as the name suggests."

Metroid Fusion manual[]

HighJumpBootsFusion.gif "Increases jump ability. This also allows Samus to jump while in Morph Ball mode."

Metroid: Zero Mission manual[]

Hi Jump Boots MZM.gif"This upgrade gives Samus the ability to jump higher and also allows her to jump in Morph Ball mode."

Zero Mission Samus Screen data[]

"Increases maximum jump height. Adds Morph Ball jumping capability."

Metroid: Samus Returns Samus Screen data[]

"High Jump Boots greatly increase the height of your jump."