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Organism X-78Q, shown with Mellows.

Mellow hives[1] (メロの巣 Mero's nest?)[2][3], also known also as X-78Q[4], are native to Zebes. It is a light purple bag-like hive that is the home of multiple Mellows, which normally swarm around the hive in circles but will break off and attack if any creature approaches. Only three are encountered in Metroid: Zero Mission, all in one cavern in Corridor No. 4 of Brinstar.

Mellow hives have four visible stages of health: the first one in which the nest is entirely intact. Then the second stage when its damaged and sags somewhat. The third stage it sags even further. Finally, the nest will detach from the ceiling, degrade into the ground and deflate completely. If Samus destroys all three hives before leaving the room, they never respawn.

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