! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

The Hive Mecha is the second boss Samus battles in Metroid Prime.


It is classified as a second-generation combat drone, able to interface with organic units at a higher level. It trains, shelters, and works with its hive dwellers. However, the device is very weak; without any methods to defend itself, it solely relies on the creatures that reside in it to handle any threats, in this case Ram War Wasps. The Mecha is vulnerable around its access ports and cannot withstand many shots from the Power Beam.

In the PAL and Japanese versions of the game, the Hive Mecha's scan point is positioned in the upper area while the American version is located in the lower portion submerged in the water. This potentially caused players to miss their opportunity at scanning this boss.



Samus faces the Hive Mecha.

The main problem Samus has in the battle is the poisoned water. Falling into this is an issue and since Samus has no spare Energy Tanks, escaping the water if she falls into it is almost inconceivable.

Before Samus can target the actual Hive Mecha, she must deal with a swarm of Ram War Wasps, which rapidly circle her. Periodically, one or more wasps will pause before rushing at her to sting her and knock her into the caustic water.

Once the wasps are dead, the Hive Mecha opens up an access port that emits a high frequency signal to usher in more Wasps. Samus must fire at this, the mecha's weak spot, until it rotates, opens another hatch and releases a new round of wasps for her to kill, repeating the battle until the Mecha is defeated.

It is not advisable to try and lock on to every wasp, as the Hive Mecha's weak point immediately opens after killing the wasps, and will only remain open for a few seconds. A better strategy would be to stand still, face the Hive Mecha and fire at the wasps without locking onto them, while jumping right at the moment the wasps attack. It may take longer to destroy the wasps this way, but this will allow Samus to easily face and shoot the Mecha when it is vulnerable once all wasps are defeated.

The destruction of the Hive Mecha awards Samus with the Missile Launcher, which she lost prior to landing on Tallon IV.

Official Data[]

Logbook entry[]

Hive Mecha Scan - RemasteredHive Mecha Scan

Hive Mecha

Metroid Prime

Temporary scan

Mechanoid: Hive Mecha
Security unit programmed to work with predatory hive dwellers.

Logbook entry

A design flaw makes the shielding on Hive Mecha weak around their access ports. These units are second-generation combat drones, able to interface with organic units at a higher level. They train, shelter, and work with hive dwelling predators. Unarmed, they rely on their hive beasts to handle any threats.


Scan before battle
"Mechanical device appears to be inactive. Life-forms detected within hollows of machine."
Access port opened
"This device is emitting a high frequency signal. This may be the cause of the War Wasp swarms."

Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide[]

"The Hive Mecha is the mechanized home of Ram War Wasps. The Hive Mecha's defenses consist of sending out its inhabitants to destroy the threat. The Ram War Wasps emerge in waves from the Hive Mecha across the now-sunken bridge. Because of their hive mind, the Ram War Wasps never travel or attack alone. They fly in a circular pattern around you until they are in position to attack. Once in position, they stop for a second before coming in and attacking together.
The best defense against these Ram War Wasps is to destroy them as fast as possible. During their fast circling, it's difficult to get a lock on them. You must turn with them while constantly shooting the Power Beam if you hope to tag a few while they're in motion. Hold down [R] while you turn so that you can adjust the height of your Power Beam. When a Ram War Wasp pops into view, pull on [L] to try to get a lock on one. Don't worry if you can't target any of them. Just keep shooting (while you rotate) at about the level they are flying until they get into their positions.
TIP: When the Ram War Wasps attack, they tend to knock you around a bit. Keep an eye on where you are standing on the platform after every wave of attack. Center yourself on the platform so that you don't get hurt by the water.
In the moment that they stop, make liberal use of [L] and your Power Beam to quickly target and shoot as many Ram War Wasps as you can. Each time a Ram War Wasp pauses to charge at you it will make a chirping sound. If you hear this sound, quickly scan for a stationary enemy. Once you finish off a wave of them, quickly turn to the Hive Mecha.
For a moment, the Hive Mecha is vulnerable as it prepares to spit out the next wave of attackers. You'll see a red spot in the center of the Hive Mecha, which is its weak point. Fire the Power Beam as rapidly as possible and watch the hive light up red as it takes damage. Deal as much damage to the hive as fast as you can. If you don't destroy the hive, the waves keep coming.
Repeat the same tactics for each subsequent wave of Ram War Wasps. Clear the Ram War Wasps and destroy their home. Your prize for defeating the Hive Mecha is a shiny new Missile Launcher."
Hive Mecha
Found In: Chozo Ruins
Recommended Weapon: Power Beam
Weak Spot: Four entrances marked by red light
"The Hive Mecha's only defenses are the Ram War Wasps. Once deployed, the Ram War Wasps circle around you and try to push you into the toxic water. After each round of Ram War Wasps is defeated, target the red light from one of the entrances to the Hive Mecha. You must repeat this process until the Hive Mecha blows up. See Ram War Wasps also."

Metroid Prime: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"The Missile Launcher upgrade is guarded by a strange device called a Hive Mecha. When you enter the Ruined Pool, jump to the middle of the room and prepare for a fight.
The device will open up and release a swarm of Ram War Wasps. As they circle you, take them out--listen for a high-pitched squeal that signals when one is about to strike. Once the last War Wasp is gone, shoot the red opening in the device itself, then repeat the process two more times."

Metroid Prime Official Strategy Guide[]

"Mecha security unit that's programmed to work with predatory hive dwellers. A design flaw makes the shielding on Hive Mecha weak around their access ports. These units are second-generation combat drones, able to interface with organic units at a higher level. They train, shelter, and work hive-dwelling predators. Unarmed, they rely on their hive beasts to handle any threats."

Metroid Prime Official Perfect Guide[]

"Wait for the Ram War Wasps (a super-fast mega-breed of the regular War Wasp) to fly out of the Hive Mecha and start circling you; once they stop, find the ones hovering nearby and lock on (or don't--it may be faster for you to kill them if you don't), and blast them away with your Power Beam. No matter what, don't stop shooting. When you've eliminated a whole wave of Ram War Wasps, train your sights onto the Hive Mecha and blast its frontispiece as fast as you can; after twelve hits total to the Hive Mecha, the Ram Flitter assault will have ended, and the Hive Mecha will open to reveal the Missile Launcher. Jump across and grab it."

Nintendo Power Volume 163[]

"When you reach an area called the Hive Totem, walk onto the round platform in the middle of the room and step toward the Missile Launcher. Doing so will cause a machine called the Hive Mecha to spring to life. Don't step into the nearby water--it's poisoned and will cause severe damage.
Ram War Wasps will fly from the machine and attack. Face forward, lock on to the wasps and start shooting. When you blast all the bugs, a red hatch will open in the Hive Mecha. Shoot the hatch until it rotates and spews more bugs. Repeat the process twice more to obtain the Missile Launcher."

Development notes[]

The Hive Mecha is referred to as a Chozo Totem by James Dargie, who worked on its design, modeling, texturing, and animation setup.

The Hive Mecha's model name is Hive totem, sharing its name with the room it is housed in.