The Hive Temple is a room in the Ing Hive. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


The Hive Temple cannot be accessed until Samus has placed all three Hive Temple Keys in their locks at Hive Temple Access. There are three ledges looking over a large arena with a large robot in the center. One of the ledges is connected to a lift that leads down into the center of the temple. Once Samus enters the room and rides the lift or jumps to the center of the temple, the robot known as Quadraxis awakens and gets possessed by several Ing. There are no Safe Zones during this battle, so Samus must collect Energy Capsules to regain health. Once Samus defeats Quadraxis, its head will fall, explode, and leave behind the Annihilator Beam. Once Samus collects it, a structure rises out of the center of the room. After climbing to the top of it using the Spider Ball, Samus can use the Screw Attack to reach the other two ledges. The Light Aether version of this room is the Sanctuary Temple.


First stage[]

Quadraxis before being possessed by Ing.

"Mechanism: Quadraxis
Rogue high-security drone.
Heavily armed and armored mechanoid. Lightly armored foot joints are vulnerable to Bomb and Boost attacks.

Second stage[]

Damaged Quadraxis (remains until Annihilator Beam is obtained)
"Mechanism: Damaged Quadraxis
Dedicated sentry building unit.
Main body rendered immobile. Sonic tactical data bursts detected. Destroy transmitter to disrupt operations."
Shielded Head Module
"Mechanism: Shielded Head Module
Command Module of the Guardian unit.
Highly mobile and well-armed. Impervious force shield protects it from harm. Receiving tactical data via high-sonic transmissions."

Samus fighting Quadraxis in the Hive Temple.

Stunned Head Module
"Mechanism: Stunned Head Module
Battle logic disrupted. Unit is vulnerable.
Shield offline. Unit is generating drones for defense while trying to restore sonic tactical link with main body."
Dark Quad CMs (summoned by Quadraxis)
"Mechanism: Dark Quad CM
Darkling-possessed combat drone.
Ing possession strengthens target. Command Module relies on ranged attacks. Beam shield can breached by opposite-polarity systems."
Dark Quad MBs (summoned by Quadraxis)
"Mechanism: Dark Quad MB
Darkling-possessed combat drone.
Ing possession strengthens target. Main Body specializes in close combat. Boost attack can disrupt its vortex spin."

Final stage[]

Final Head Module
"Mechanism: Final Head Module
Tactical ability reduced. Unit now vulnerable.
Link to main body severed. Two weak points detected; target them with concussive blasts to damage the unit."

Connecting rooms[]


Annihilator Beam
To obtain it, Samus must defeat Quadraxis.