The Hive Totem is a room in the Chozo Ruins in Metroid Prime. Samus is informed by the Hint System to travel here to investigate abnormal seismic activity upon arriving at the Ruins, Prior to the defeat of Flaahgra, acidic water surrounds the central arena. A bridge connects the central platform to another door. When the room is first entered, the Missile Launcher lies on the bridge. On jumping up to the platform and approaching this, the water level is raised to submerge everything but the top of the arena, preventing Samus from escaping. She is then forced to engage the Hive Mecha and its Ram War Wasps. After the battle, rubble from the ceiling becomes dislodged and collapses, forming a ledge so Samus can leave.

The room has a perpetual green mist that does not dissipate after the defeat of the Flaahgra, making it unrelated to the toxic water. It is unknown what the cause of the mist is.

Connecting roomsEdit



Samus gains Missile Launcher Hive Totem Dolphin HD

Samus acquires the Missile Launcher.

Missile Launcher
Samus must defeat the Hive Mecha for it to release the Launcher.


"Drainage possesses traces of high-level toxins."
"This elevated bridge looks worn, but functional."
Missile Launcher
"It appears this item can only be reached by using the elevated bridge."
Hive Mecha
"Mechanical device appears to be inactive. Life-forms detected within hollows of machine."


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