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Hover Bots are small robotic enemies that appear in Metroid Prime: Federation Force during M18: Hightower. They are similar in size to Serenity Class Drones, but unlike those, Hover Bots can cause damage. The Space Pirates deploy them periodically to stop the Galactic Federation's Drill, which they are using to open up a chasm so they can bomb the Space Pirate HQ hidden in underground Talvania. Hover Bots fly slowly towards the Drill and are very easy to destroy, but their small size and the inaccuracy of the Federation Force's weapons mean that they cannot be reliably destroyed before they come close to the Drill. Hover Bots come in groups of three or ten and attack the Drill at its base. If necessary the Force can drop to the base of the Drill to destroy any Hover Bots, although they will take damage from the Talvania Gas and forfeit the mission's bonus objective.

They are possibly creations of the machine race that previously inhabited Talvania.

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