Alimbic Hub

The Alimbics are implied to have studied anthropology, literature, medicine, politics and science, due to the presence of many "Hubs" on the Celestial Archives. They are located throughout the various Data Shrine rooms on the Archives. The Logbook entry for the Archives itself states that it was the primary repository of the combined knowledge of Alimbic scholars, scientists, and historians, which also ties into the hubs. Unfortunately, Samus cannot access any of the data banks, as they have all been severely damaged (either due to age or the collision of the unknown object presumed to be Gorea). The hubs take on the form of a long, erect panel on the ground.

Logbook entryEdit


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Access denied. ALIMBIC anthropological* data bank severely damaged.

* data ranges depending on scanned object; will say anthropological, literary, medical, political or science.

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