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Hunters[1] is a theme from Metroid Prime Hunters. It was composed by Lawrence Schwedler and James Phillipsen.


Hunters is first heard during the intro movie cutscene, which shows off the Bounty Hunters Sylux, Weavel, Noxus, Trace, Spire, Kanden, and Samus Aran. It is heard again during the staff credits. It is also available as the penultimate track in the game's Music Test after defeating Gorea's second form.

Hunters is a short medley of various themes. It is partially remixed from the Metroid Prime Theme, with some notes heard during Weavel's scene and the main Title theme heard performed with a classic sci-fi synth instrument during Samus's scene. The theme of Arcterra is appropriately heard during Noxus's scene. Some of the chanting from the theme of Alinos is also present in Hunters.

It is interesting to note that the version heard in the intro movie cutscene differs slightly from the version heard in the credits and Music Test. The former has higher-quality instruments and more dynamic nuance to its sound, which was likely made possible due to being the audio of a pre-rendered video. Unfortunately, the intro movie version is not currently available without sound effects.

Hunters can be heard here: [1]


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