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The Hyper Ball is a Phazon-powered Morph Ball attack in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The upgrade is obtained by Samus Aran after defeating the Guardian of the Bryyonian Phazon Core, Mogenar, in the Bryyo Seed.

Once Samus Aran enters Hypermode and enters Morph Ball mode, she can use this attack. Hyper Ball releases a large amount of Phazon in a such a way that resembles arcs of electricity. This Phazon based attack has a relatively short range with homing capabilities and as such, will automatically seek nearby targets when used, similar to the Wavebuster of Metroid Prime and the Shock Coil of Metroid Prime Hunters. The attack deals somewhat high, rapid damage, but quickly shortens the amount of time that Samus can stay in Hypermode; this means the Hyper Ball is handy if Samus needs to get out of Corrupt Hypermode quickly.

The numerous streams of energy produced make it useful for attacking a cluster of enemies, as well as lone Metroids.

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Hyper Ball

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Inventory entry

The Hyper Ball allows you to attack multiple targets while in Morph Ball.
While in Hypermode, enter Morph Ball and press Wii A button to attack all nearby enemies. Press and hold Wii A button to fire a constant attack.


The Hyper Ball attack will constantly drain Phazon from your PED tank while being used.