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Samus Aran in her Hypermode state, armed with the deadly Hyper Beam.

Hypermode is a state in which a creature is powered up using the strange properties of Phazon. Introduced in Metroid Prime and expanded on in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Hypermode can seemingly be achieved by organisms or mechanical beings that have sufficient control over Phazon, though with Federation Marines and Space Pirates, this mode is activated by injecting a small amount of Phazon into their weaponry using a device such as the PED. In Hypermode, creatures gain additional health and more powerful attacks.

See here for a directory of creatures and enemies that can enter Hypermode.

Impact Crater[]

Metroid Prime

In Metroid Prime, Samus enters a state called Hyper-mode during the final battle with Metroid Prime itself when she steps in a pool of liquid Phazon generated by Metroid Prime. The Phazon Suit siphons the liquid Phazon up through itself and out Samus' arm cannon, changing its physical shape drastically (its mass increases, turns black with blue veins covering it). It can then fire a continuous stream of Phazon energy in a chaotic manner (compared to the precise and controlled Hyper Beam in the third game). This attack is known as the Phazon Beam. This is the only way to damage the second form of Metroid Prime. This Hyper-Mode may be considered a precursor to the more-evolved system used in Corruption.


During Hypermode, Samus' suit gains a blue Phazon aura, similar to that given off by the Phazon Suit.

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus Aran, Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda are infected with Phazon by Dark Samus. This causes their bodies to produce a constant supply of Phazon. After their recovery, the Galactic Federation equips them with PEDs, which allows them to enter Hypermode through the use of their internal Phazon, at a cost of their own energy. However, unbeknownst to all, this also puts them at risk of corruption by Dark Samus. Only Samus succeeded in resisting this corruption, while the others, who had virulent Phazon spreading within them for two weeks prior, fell under Dark Samus's control and were compelled to attack Samus.

When in Hypermode, strange blue dots appear to be drifting everywhere. These appear to be the Phazon particles, infecting the atmosphere. They are most likely exhaust from the PED rather than indications of nearby Leviathan corruption (as they can be seen on the G.F.S. Olympus, Norion and G.F.S. Valhalla, all without a Leviathan).

In the Corrupted Pool on Bryyo, after shooting three Phazon Vine nodes, Samus unintentionally engages the "Corrupt Hypermode" status. After venting out, Aurora Unit 242 receives the reading and decides to look further into this state. While Samus is searching for the Ship Missile upgrade, the AU returns with a report: moments after Hypermode is active, the Phazon within Samus will start overreacting, causing the corruption. Unfortunately, the Federation did not foresee this error, unknowingly putting Samus and the other bounty hunters in great danger, a fact for which AU 242 apologizes.

On Phaaze, Samus's PED becomes unstable and leaves her in permanent Hypermode status, though with a few adjustments.

According to AU 242, the Hypermode function is the only way to defeat Dark Samus, which turns out to be correct. The same applies to the final battle with Dark Samus in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes when Samus had to absorb the particles of Phazon to defeat Dark Samus.



In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus can enter Hypermode by sacrificing one of her Energy Tanks after obtaining the PED Suit. In Hypermode, Samus's suit becomes invincible to most attacks, and her weapons are powered up, assuming she has the appropriate upgrades. The weapons are:

Hypermode is governed by a white bar on top of the screen that replaces the health bar. The bar starts at 150 units, and it decreases by a specific amount when Samus uses a Phazon attack:[1]

  • Hyper Beam shot - 5.5 units
  • Charged Hyper Beam - Each shot decreases the bar by 1 unit. A fully charged Hyper Beam fires 76 shots.
  • Hyper Ball - 40 units per second
  • Hyper Missile - 40 units

During Hypermode, Samus' vision is shown in greyscale (except for certain enemies, objects, and obstacles), no visors can be used (aside from the Combat Visor), Hand Scanners cannot be interfaced with, and only the Phazon-enhanced equivalents of normal weapons (such as the Hyper Ball) can be used. The Screw Attack is exempt of this, as it can be used even when in Hypermode, albeit with blue Phazon energy instead of yellow energy. Morph Ball Bombs can be used in Hypermode until the Hyper Ball is obtained, but Missiles, Ice Missiles or Seeker Missiles cannot be used at all.

Samus experiences a Phazon Overload, a state that puts her at risk of fatal corruption.

After experiencing a Phazon Overload on Bryyo, Corrupted Hypermode will activate after 10 seconds of regular Hypermode pass. In Corrupted Hypermode, the Phazon bar turns red and constantly increases at a rate of 10 units per second. The bar also increases when hit by enemies' Phazon attacks, such as the pulses used by Phaazoids. If the bar completely fills, Samus will have 5 seconds to vent enough Phazon to bring it below 2/3 before she is fully corrupted, leading to a Game Over; a cinematic will show Samus suffering Terminal Corruption and turning into another Dark Samus.

When the Federation implemented the PED function, they included an Auto Vent function; Hypermode automatically ends after 25 seconds due to safety purposes. Corrupted Hypermode can only be exited by emptying the Phazon bar through repeated use of Phazon attacks or by waiting 25 seconds for the auto-vent, which does not restore any of the energy vented; manual exiting is disabled. Manual exiting is the only way to restore unused energy - any form of automatic venting or Hypermode failure simply removes the Phazon from the system. Because Corrupted Hypermode generates more Phazon, Samus can strategically allow herself to be hit to give herself extra Phazon to use for attacks, while being careful not to overload. The bar will temporarily stop increasing if it fills completely, which wastes potential Phazon.

Certain enemies have attacks that can cause Hypermode to fail, such as the Pirates' Phazon grenades, a Phazon Metroid's discharge attack, or a Phazon Hopper's shockwave attack while it is in Hypermode itself. Some of these attacks will usually also send Samus into a Phazon Overload if she is not already in Hypermode when she is hit, although any phazon attacks used here won't consume energy. A number of Phazon blasts from Hypermode-engaged Pirates will also send Samus into Corrupted Hypermode, even if they were not in Hypermode when hit by the blasts. In addition, contact with Fuel Gel or Acid Rain while in Hypermode will trigger a "Hypermode Failure" if Samus is not equipped with the Hazard Shield. She will also be forced out of Hypermode when she enters any Save Stations.

On Phaaze[]

Due to critical levels of internal Phazon corruption, the emergency vent override has been triggered by the PED Suit. All acquired Energy Tanks have been vented to temporarily prevent total corruption. Hypermode weapons no longer require the extinguishing of an Energy Tank to use. You are now permanently in Hypermode. Unfortunately, this vent override can no longer be used. Damage, as well as exposure to Phaaze's atmosphere, will continue to raise your Phazon level. Your Phazon level is shown as a yellow bar at the top of the HUD. If your Phazon level fills completely, you will die.

—Message prompt upon arriving at Phaaze

Samus' PED unit overloads upon being exposed to Phaaze's atmosphere.

On the planet Phaaze, a high Phazon concentration causes Samus to enter a permanent state of Hypermode. The regular health bar is replaced by a yellow Phazon level bar, the length of which is dependent on the number of Energy Tanks Samus has collected throughout the game (199-1499 units). The bar constantly increases at a slow rate of 2.3 units per second, or half during the final boss battles,[1] as well as when Samus takes damage. When the bar is completely filled, Samus will once again have 5 seconds to lower it to 95 units or less before she becomes corrupted and the game ends, which can be next to impossible depending on how many energy tanks were vented.

The bar can only be decreased by collecting Anti-Phazon Units, draining energy into foes using the Hyper Grapple, or letting a Phazon Puffer absorb her energy. Different methods decrease the bar by varying amounts:[1]

  • Collecting Small Anti-Phazon Units - 17.5 units
  • Collecting Large Anti-Phazon Units - 35 units
  • Hyper Grappling the organic mass in the Entry Canyon - 30 units per second
  • Hyper Grappling Phaz-Ings - 200 units per second
  • Phazon Puffer - 70 units every time it absorbs Phazon

Because Samus is now permanently in this state, she has access to her other visors and her Combat Visor no longer displays the area around her in monochrome colors. It also takes on the same appearance and features as the regular Combat Visor, regaining the minimap, radar, etc. Interestingly, being exposed to Phaaze's atmosphere causes Samus to reach a level of corruption likely above 75%, as her Gunship will fail to recognize her and thus deny her entry. She presumably loses all control over it, effectively preventing the player from saving the game from that point, as there are also no Save Stations on the planet.


Space Pirates (except Berserker Knights and Lords), Crawltanks, some Phazon-mutated creatures (such as the Phazon Hopper), Tinbots, and the corrupted bounty hunters can all enter Hypermode. Enemies in Hypermode gain resistance to non-Phazon attacks and more powerful attacks. They also will look different, often being tinted blue and having small Phazon tendrils emanating from them. Enemies tend to roar or taunt Samus right before transforming.


  • Samus cannot fire standard Missiles in Hypermode until she obtains the Hyper Missile. However, she is still capable of laying Morph Ball Bombs and firing the Grapple Beam without acquiring the Hyper Ball and the Hyper Grapple upgrades, respectively.
  • Pirate Militias are seen using Hypermode on higher difficulties despite their scans mentioning that Militias do not receive any Phazon enhancements.
  • In one of the preview trailers for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, a PED Marine in Hypermode is seen killing a Berserker Lord with ease. This footage is nowhere to be seen in the final version of the game.
  • A preview trailer for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption shows a PED Marine whose hand twitches before he shakes it off and ignores it, foreshadowing that the Federation troops could suffer the effects of Terminal Corruption. The final version of the game does not have any of the marines succumb to or show signs of corruption, though scanning a certain dead marine body shows that his PED had suffered a malfunction and killed him.