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The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.

Hzoomer is a unique Geemer seen exclusively in Super Metroid. It is only identified by internal data, having never been named or even mentioned by any official media.


The Hzoomer has a unique color scheme: it is primarily orange, with yellow legs and green spikes. Notably, the Hzoomer follows a different pattern from normal Geemers. Instead of crawling continuously in a single direction, it actively moves left or right to horizontally align itself with Samus Aran's current position. If she is standing directly beneath the Hzoomer, then it will walk in place until she moves again.[1] Since the Hzoomer cannot reach Samus, it cannot harm her.

In Crateria, there is a small enclosed section of the flooded cavern on the right side, leading into the Wrecked Ship where the Gravity Suit can be acquired. When Samus passes through this walkway, the Hzoomer is visible on the structure above her. The Hzoomer can only be seen if Samus is inside this small passage; if she approaches the area from the flooded cavern above, the Hzoomer is absent.

Despite not being able to interact with Samus in normal gameplay, the Hzoomer can still be killed by the Wave Beam or Power Bomb; alternatively, jumping and using the Grapple Beam as soon as Samus hits the ceiling will cause the beam to phase through the barrier, damaging the Hzoomer. If it drops an item pickup (usually a small Energy Ball, but rarely a Big Energy Ball or Power Bomb Ammo), it can be collected via the Grapple Beam as well.


  • Like all other Geemers in Super Metroid, Hzoomer's internal name still identifies it as a Zoomer.
  • The "H" in Hzoomer's internal name may stand for "horizontal", since the Hzoomer can only move horizontally.
  • If the Hzoomer reaches either wall, its movement will become glitched as the sprite continuously flips between vertical and horizontal orientations. It will resume normal movement once Samus leads it away from the wall.
  • The Hzoomer's color palette is shared with Sova and Cacatac, but unlike these enemies it is not found in Norfair. Additionally, it is similar to the color scheme of the Varia Suit; combined with its Samus-mimicking behavior, this has led to the fan nickname of "Samus Geemer".


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