I-Sha was a Luminoth, and the Guardian of Agon Temple. When the Ing started congregating around Agon Sector, I-Sha sent Agon’s warriors to battle the foes. When they fell, the Ing went after the Planetary Energy that I-Sha was guarding, killing the Guardian. Before dying, I-Sha put his or her own consciousness into a holoprojector, which would later aid Samus Aran as she searched the Dark Agon Wastes to find the temple keys. The holographic I-Sha informed Samus of how to protect herself from the corrosive atmosphere of Dark Aether with the Safe Zones that the Luminoth once scattered across the Ing's land. Wishing her luck, the former Guardian of Agon then restored her energy for the path ahead.


"Bioscan complete.
Luminoth subject terminated 1.5 decacycles ago. Damage from multiple weapon systems detected. Subject definitely went out fighting."

I-Sha's commentsEdit

Prime Trilogy Promotional I-Sha Luminoth Hologram Agon Wastes Energy Controller

Samus receives I-Sha's blessing.

Dark Aether
"Seek the dark shadow of this sacred place soon. Remember: even the air of Dark Aether can kill. Do not hesitate to use the Light Crystals!"
Dark Beam
"The first of our greatest champion's weapons has been the Ing.
Find the Dark Beam. Avenge this blasphemy!"
Light Beam
"The Light Beam is a truly mighty weapon. All of the Ing fear its power.
Find this weapon, so its great light may blind and burn our foes once more."
Dark Suit
"Mighty armor worn by our last champion is in the clutches of the Ing.
It resists the burning air of Dark Aether. Find it and it is yours."
Preceded by:
Guardian of Agon Temple
Succeeded by:
Samus Aran