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The "Ice Beam access corridor" is a room in Norfair. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In both games, this room leads directly into the chamber containing the Ice Beam. The entire floor is engulfed in lava, with cloud-like platforms above the lava used to navigate the room.

In Metroid, the room is divided in half by a large purple wall of bubble-like material, with a hidden tunnel near the center. It is more easily accessed from the left side, as there is a block and a platform beside it allowing Samus to jump into the tunnel. From the right side, Samus would need to freeze a Squeept and propel herself into the tunnel with a Bomb, and to do this requires the Ice Beam from Brinstar, defeating any purpose in acquiring it from its location in Norfair. The wall and ceiling on the right are made of clay bricks, while the ceiling and part of the wall (and the platforms) on the left are made of metal bricks and pipes.

In Zero Mission, the Ice Beam is only obtainable in Norfair and this is initially the only room Samus can enter from the blue-bubble shaft. The large central wall has been removed and replaced by multiple midair cloud platforms, all of which appear as blocks with the exception of one. It is suspended directly over a deeper pool of lava, with two ledges on the left and right above the surface. The leftmost ledge is sloped. Samus must carefully jump over the platforms to cross the room and obtain the Ice Beam. There are no longer any Squeepts in the room, but multiple Sovas dwell on the floor and ceiling. Hard Mode adds Dragons in the lava, and their spitting attacks can disrupt Samus's navigation of the room and cause her to fall into the lava, forcing her to quickly jump and grab a platform to pull herself out.

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Zero Mission[]

Official data[]

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

POINT 9 (pg. 58)
"This technique combines stairs with a round ball and a bomb. If the technique of a round ball plus a bomb doesn't work, freeze the enemy and use him like a stairway."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

050 LEAP OVER LAVA (pg. 40)
"Small platforms float over the lava on the path to the Ice Beam. When you reach the vertical pair of platforms (one directly above the other) drop to the lower one and leap to the next platform."