The Ice Geemer is a subspecies of Geemer in Metroid Prime: Federation Force.


Much like the Tallon IV breed, Ice Geemers have three eyes and six legs. They are non-aggressive, typically wandering around in circles without showing interest in other organisms.

The Ice Geemer has adapted to the frigid climate of the planet Excelcion. Instead of the signature spiny carapace, the Ice Geemer's body is covered by a thick, spiky layer of ice crystals, in a manner similar to that of Crystallite and the Ice Beetle. However, this shell does not protect them from Missiles and will shatter on impact, exposing the Geemer's vulnerable body.

While Geemers are normally small creatures, Ice Geemers are much larger than most of their brethren, and are comparable in size to Federation Force Mechs. It is unknown if they are naturally this size, or if they were artificially enlarged by Space Pirates using the amplification beam.


  • A second subspecies of Geemer known as Snomers also thrive in arctic conditions, namely the artificial Sector 2 / Cryosphere.
  • In the Federation Force Treehouse pre-release footage of M04: Containment, Ice Geemers were simply called Geemers.[1]



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