The Ice Hopper Nest[1] is the first boss faced in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is encountered on Excelcion in M01: Outpost. It is a large blue, tree-like living organism with several "maws" around its "trunk", from which it spawns Ice Hoppers and fires projectiles. This nest is the spawn point for the entirety of the Ice Hopper population on Excelcion. To destroy it, the Federation Force must target its maws. When one maw is damaged, the creature appears to feel it through the entirety of its body. Once the nest has taken enough damage, it will disintegrate, and General Alex Miles will summon the Marines to an Extractor. Its death does not seem to cause an immediate extinction of the Ice Hoppers, as they are later encountered in M07: Cauldron and M08: Dustoff. One Super Missile to a single maw is enough to destroy the entire nest.