The Ice Missile before it is collected in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Ice Missiles are a type of Missile used by Samus Aran in the Metroid series. As the name implies, these Missiles strike the enemy with extreme cold, providing a freezing effect when the Ice Beam may not be available.

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[]

Ice Missiles appear in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, chronologically the first time Samus used them. While they have the ability to slow down and freeze enemies, these Missiles can also be used to create temporary platforms in liquid Fuel Gel and to remove White Blast Shields. Instead of immediately freezing enemies upon contact, the Ice Missiles in Corruption will explode and damage the enemy in a similar way to a normal Missile. During the explosion, ice shards are released, which then compact around the enemy and trap them in an icy 'shell', which impedes their movement or freezes them completely. Notably, if the enemy is killed in the initial explosion, the shards will not vanish. If the target is not entirely frozen, its movements will slow to a crawl. A second ice missile will then freeze it completely.

Samus freezes a Reptilicus

Ice Missiles are particularly effective against Warp Hounds and their masters, the Reptilicus. Phazon Metroids, (despite extensive mutation) retain the species' vulnerability to cold. Strangely, though, these enemies all have a way to avoid the Ice Missile: Warp Hounds and Reptilicus teleport and Phazon Metroids can warp out of local spacetime, which means Samus usually has to find the right opportunity to use them against these creatures.

Samus acquires the Ice Missile after defeating Rundas in the Temple of Bryyo. The power-up was a result of Rundas' cryokinesis.

In Metroid Fusion[]

Samus attacking with Ice Missiles in Metroid Fusion.

During the events of Metroid Fusion, Samus is infected with X Parasites. A vaccine containing Metroid DNA is administered by the Galactic Federation, and she recovers. On her mission on the BSL research station, the Federation correctly assumes that because Samus now contains Metroid DNA, she has inherited a weakness to cold, and so would not be able to tolerate the use of the Ice Beam in conjunction with the Fusion Suit. The Federation subsequently supplies Ice Missiles instead, so that the use of a freezing effect in combat is still available. This implies that Missiles are not as closely integrated to Samus' body when compared to Beam weapons. The tips of these missiles are colored orange, and deal 33% more damage than Super Missiles, (from 30 to 40 damage) or 4 times as much damage as Normal Missiles.

In the game, these are later upgraded to Diffusion Missiles, which augment their freezing range with a charge capability, allowing them to freeze targets in an extremely large area. Their appearance and effect resembles a cross between a Power Bomb and a Super Missile.

In Metroid Dread[]

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Ice Missiles return in Metroid Dread, as confirmed by Volume 6 of the Metroid Dread Report.

Official data[]

Fusion manual[]

"Use Ice Missiles to freeze enemies for a limited time. Samus can walk on frozen enemies."

Fusion website[]

"The Ice Missile upgrade allows Samus to freeze certain enemies, but the effect lasts for only a few moments."

Corruption Inventory data[]


Ice Missile

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Inventory entry

The Ice Missile enhances your current Missiles and allows the freezing of enemies and certain liquids.
Press Wii D-pad down.gif to fire an Ice Missile. Target and lock on with Wii Z button.png to fire a Homing Ice Missile.

Samus's Notes

Enemies struck by an Ice Missile will be enveloped in shards of ice for a few moments, slowing their movement. Enemies who have been weakened in combat may freeze entirely and be unable to move or attack.
Some liquids, such as Fuel Gel, are highly susceptible to cold and will freeze when shot. Frozen gel will only remain for a short period of time before shattering.

Metroid Dread Report Volume 6[]

"A missile that has a freezing effect. Samus can easily destroy frozen enemies with follow-up attacks. Some enemies can even be used as platforms."

Nintendo tweets[]

Nintendo of America
"Additional Arm Cannon upgrades Samus can discover in #MetroidDread:
🥶 Ice Missile: Freeze enemies in their tracks, destroying them with a follow-up or even using some as platforms.
🎯 Storm Missile: Lock on up to five targets unleashing multiple small missiles in succession.[1]
Nintendo of Europe/UK
"Additional Arm Cannon upgrades available to Samus in #MetroidDread include Ice Missiles that freeze enemies in their tracks, and Storm Missiles which can lock onto five different targets at once (or one enemy five times!)."[2]


  • Normally Samus freezes enemies with her beam weapon and shatters them with Missiles. However, in Fusion and Corruption, this is reversed, where Ice Missiles freeze enemies and the beam weapons shatter them.
  • If Samus freezes a Reptilicus while it is throwing a chakram, the chalkram will destroy the Reptilicus when it returns. This will earn Samus a Friend Voucher, "Icy Reptilicide."
  • Page 43 of Nintendo Power issue #162 describes the Ice Missiles as having a "Freon-charged payload". In the real world, Freon is a trademark registered by Chemours, an American company that manufactures chemicals.



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