Ice Titans (called Ice Beasts in E3 2015 footage) are a species of large animals with crystals on their backs. They appear in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. One appears at the end of M01: Outpost, and must be killed before the Extractor can be deployed to collect the Federation Force. In M04: Containment, the Force were sent to Excelcion to capture four specimens of these creatures in order to study them and help the Federation retake the base.

Ice Titans somewhat resemble Sidehoppers and the unused IceBoss creature in their behavior. It has a shockwave attack that does 10% damage, as well as an attack similar to the Ultrafrigid Beam. In M04 it is much harder to kill an Ice Titan than in other missions and they reward fewer points. To trap them, the Marines must lure them into giant cages stationed around the environment. The cage is opened by shooting a red button above it, and then closes when something is in it. There is a button inside, to help trapped Marines escape, at the risk of setting the Ice Titans free again. After the fourth is captured, the Marines are called back to the Extractor. A fifth Titan confronts them along the way, but the Marines are not required to capture it, although doing so is a bonus objective that rewards extra points. To do this, the soldiers would have to get two Ice Titans in one cage.

Another Ice Titan appears in M19: Incursion. The Force has to kill it to proceed, and can shoot at its back to weaken it. Two ice stalactites hanging from the ceiling can shoot down to cause severe damage to the Titan if it is underneath them. The giant will spawn Zurburats and Ice Griptoraxes to assist itself in battle.

Dedicated terminal (M04: Containment)[edit | edit source]

Galactic Federation Log: Ice Titan
Close observation of this life-form has revealed that its impressive form conceals a creature that is naturally docile and gentle.
When provoked, however, Ice Titans become exceedingly violent, posing an extreme risk to everyone in the immediate area.

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