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The "ice bridge cavern" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room is an icy cavern in a large cave. There is a long bridge that connects between cliff ledges on both sides of the room. The bridge appears to be naturally formed. Both cliff ledges are covered in snow with several ice stalagmites protruding from their base. Underneath the ledges are large icicles, which appear to be rendered in 2-D. A smaller platform is present under the ledge on the other side of the cavern, and contains an Energy Tank as well as a tunnel in the wall that leads to a Morph Ball launcher, which propels up through the top of the ledge. Several Pow can be seen in the middle of the room, hinting toward the Energy Tank.

The bridge breaks under Samus.

At the bottom of the cavern is a frozen-over pond, in which two schools of many small fish can be seen swimming. They cannot be interacted with or shot at with the Wave Beam. The pond is surrounded by more opaque ice, as well as stalagmites, icicles and two large platforms on the wall. It is possible to jump from them to the Energy Tank ledge and then proceed to the top. Initially, there are several mounds of ice on the floor, which can be destroyed with Missiles or Bombs, or by having the Gigafraug smash them.


Samus passes through this room during her search of the Cryosphere for survivors. As she steps onto the bridge, it collapses either due to fragility, or the impact of the Gigafraug below. Either way, it breaks underneath her and sends her falling to the lower floor. Samus is forced to confront the Gigafraug and eliminate it, as the door below stays locked until she does so. After this, she is able to continue into a Navigation Booth and proceed with her mission.

Samus finishes the Gigafraug off with an Overblast.

Once Samus has been authorized to use the Speed Booster, she can return to this room and Shinespark across the ledge, to reach another Navigation Booth and the rest of the sector. The need to Shinespark across the cavern becomes obsolete when she later self-authorizes her Space Jump ability.

Samus can also jump down from the entry ledge without stepping on the bridge, which will leave it intact. It will still break if she steps on it later, however.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Tank
Requires Speed Booster. Samus must Shinespark from the entrance to the other side, and jump down to a lower platform. To get back up, she can roll through a hole behind her to find a Morph Ball launcher, which will bring her back to the upper ledge.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 88
"Cross the bridge in the next room. As you do, it gives way and crumbles at your feet, sending you plummeting down to the lower level of the room. A Gigafraug guards the lower level, so stay nimble and dodge its ramming attacks when it approaches. Let it run into the wall and hit it with missile while it staggers. If it tries to stomp on you, SenseMove out of the way and counterattack! Eventually the beast falls to the floor, allowing you to finish it with a Lethal Strike.
With the room clear, use missiles to destroy the ice pillars and expose the hatch on the far wall. Go through the hatch and save your progress at the Navigation Booth to unlock the next door."
Tip:"There's an Energy Tank inside this room, just between the lower-level hatch and the upper-level hatch. You need a different ability to get it, so ignore it for now."
Page 92
"Backtrack to the room where you encountered the Gigafraug before and use Shinespark to leap across the center gap to the platform on the other side."
Energy Tank! (Page 93)
"After using Shinespark to reach the top ledge, fi nd a small hole in the far-right edge. Drop down in Morph Ball mode to the ledge below and grab the Energy Tank. Return to the area below the hole and use the launcher to return to the top platform."