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The "ice passage" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The passage is a long, outdoor hallway that curves sharply to the right near its center. Similar to the previous outdoor room, the ground is frozen over and uneven with multiple ice humps that Samus can vault over. The ice in the floor appears to be partly reflective. It is surrounded by large misshapen branches, snowy banks and at several points, large canopies of snow hanging over the ground. Unlike the previous room, none of them will break when approached. Further on in the passage is a large wall made of ice.

The Gigafraug approaches Samus.

When Samus enters this room for the first time, she is confronted by a trio of Volfons. Although she is not required to kill them, doing so can be to her benefit as they will hinder her exploration. Closer to the ice walls, a Gigafraug appears and stalks Samus. When she has defeated the Gigafraug, she can continue on to the first ice wall without interference. Firing a Missile into it causes the wall to crack. Samus can jump up to the crack and shift into it with her Morph Ball, then lay a Bomb to completely destroy the wall. This process is similar to the Bomb Slots found in the Metroid Prime series.

Removing the wall reveals an ice staircase that leads up to a higher floor. This floor features ice stalagmites and hanging icicles that appear to be rendered as 2D sprites.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
Beside the door to the passage in the previous room is a small hole in the base of the wall. Samus must use her Morph Ball to enter the hole, which leads into a hidden tunnel in the passage's wall. The Missile Tank is at the end.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 89
"Dash through the next room, stopping only to eliminate the Volfons and the Gigafraug, then blast the far wall with a Normal Missile to crack it. Now run to the wall and jump to get ahold of the small puncture you made. Upon climbing into the small puncture, Samus will automatically transform into Morph Ball mode. Drop one Normal Bomb to destroy the wall."