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Idzuki Kouji, also known by his pseudonym Moon Up is a Japanese manga artist and the author of the Samus and Joey and Metroid EX stories in Comic BomBom. Kouji later reflected that he never kept any copies of either work apart from the original manuscripts, although CapCom of the Metroid Database was able to acquire both stories in their entirety and translate both of them into English. Kouji and CapCom had kept in contact, and Kouji was happy that someone was enjoying his work enough to translate it into English. His other works include Rockman, a manga series based on Mega Man.

Kouji was interviewed by Shinesparkers in 2019 about Samus and Joey. He explained that he was selected to draw the manga by both Nintendo and Kodansha out of several candidates, "based on being able to draw an action theme and an energetic child." He was disappointed that Metroid EX was not released as a tankobon (collection) like the first three volumes of Samus and Joey,[1] and has launched a campaign on Fukkan to have the series reprinted.[2]

He currently works as a care assistant for handicapped people in Japan, and is considering writing a book about his experiences with that.[1]


  • If he had the chance to change anything in the story, Kouji said he would draw a scene of Samus on a day off, and "some kind of trouble" she would get caught in "in her daily life as a woman."[1]
  • Kouji had not kept up with the Metroid series since Metroid Prime, as he had no consoles with which to play the games.[1]

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