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The Impact Crater is a table in Metroid Prime Pinball, based on the area of the same name in Metroid Prime. It is only accessible once the Artifact Temple stage has been cleared successfully.

When Samus Aran enters the table, the Force Ball upgrade will be waiting for her. To collect it, the ball must be launched at the glass encasing the upgrade. Once collected, the Metroid Prime will suddenly drop from the ceiling, commencing the final boss battle.

To defeat the Metroid Prime, Samus must launch herself around it, lighting up all the blue lights, filling in the S-A-M-U-S Lights and allowing Samus to enter Combat Mode. (Samus can also use one of two Award Scanners on the table to enable Combat Mode) Missile shots must be fired at Prime to move one of its legs, allowing Samus to enter a Force Ball charger, charging her Force Ball and activating it for use on Prime. Eventually, the exoskeleton of Metroid Prime will explode, revealing the core essence. The battle will remain the same (though Metroid Prime will have new attacks). Once the second form is defeated, Metroid Prime will be defeated, ending the game. During and before the battle, Metroids may randomly appear on the stage.

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