The bottom of the chamber, with the Our Plea Lore entry in view.

Imperial Caverns is a room in the Bryyo Ice area of Bryyo. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This is the second room explored in Bryyo Ice. When entered by Samus, it initially features two large sheets of ice blocking a shaft. To destroy it, Samus must use the Plasma Beam. To go back up to the top of the shaft, Samus must use two Wall Jump Surfaces, but only when she obtains the Screw Attack a few rooms later. At the bottom of this shaft, the final Bryyo Data entry, 'Our Plea', can be scanned for the Logbook.

Connecting rooms[]


Ice spikes
"Ice formation appears fragile. High-temperature shots could probably destroy it."
Ice sheets
"Numerous fractures detected within ice sheet. High-temperature shots could probably shatter it."
Our Plea
"Sadly, disaster came to us before we could finish our work. An accident caused our supply of Fuel Gel to explode, sending fire to the sky and exposing our position. It was not long before a Primal war band saw the great fire, and rushed to attack. Without a way to power my great Mogenars, I had no way to defend myself from their assault. Fleeing would only drive them to pursue us to no end, and they would show no mercy to either one of us once caught. I had no other choice except to stand my ground while the prophetess fled to safety. With her I sent my records of the past, in hopes they would both find sanctuary. You now read my last words, etched in stone and placed by the prophetess. We speak to you from beyond the grave, to plead to you... save our world from the starborne plague. Lift the veil of hate from the eyes of our people. May our remaining relics serve you well in this struggle."