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The Imperialist is a sniper weapon used by the Kriken Empire to increase their territory. It fires a powerful, long-ranged laser beam with incredible accuracy, but its precise nature severely limits its rate of fire and it cannot be charged. To enhance its role as a sniping weapon, the Imperialist has zoom capabilities. Zooming in is done by pressing R, the Select button, or double-tapping the weapon icon on the bottom screen. When the zoomed-in reticle passes over a target, even if it is behind a wall, the weapon will automatically zoom in further, allowing for increased accuracy. It is capable of inflicting an instant kill on an enemy Bounty Hunter if a headshot is achieved with the scope. It is also especially effective against Sylux, and affects Gorea when the monster turns red with blue markings.

When Trace uses this, he can cloak himself while standing still. This is a rare hitscan weapon, because it hits its target immediately when fired (since, as a laser, it moves at the speed of light). When used in story mode, it changes the markings on Samus' Arm Cannon red, and alters the Targeting Reticule.

Logbook entry[]


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Equipped with a ZOOM function ideal for PRECISION targeting, the IMPERIALIST fires a thin and lethal laser beam with high accuracy over long distances.

Imperialist Basics (on-screen tutorial)[]

"The IMPERIALIST can ZOOM in on a target. Double-tap the IMPERIALIST icon or press the R Button to ZOOM after arming the weapon."


  • Certain objects will show the words "PRECISION" and "ZOOM" in the description when scanned. The words "PRECISION" and "ZOOM" always refer to the Imperialist.
  • The Imperialist is the only sniper weapon used by Samus in the Metroid series.
  • The Galactic Federation has their own sniping assault rifle.
  • The Imperialist is the first piece of equipment to use zoom functions in a Metroid game. A zoom function is later used by the Nova Beam and X-Ray Visor combo in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and with the Search View in Metroid: Other M.
  • Sometimes the Imperialist retains its non-zoomed crosshair when zooming in. It occurs when the wielder uses the zoom function as the weapon is still switching over from the previous one.
  • Immediately after being fired, a slow ratcheting sound can be heard, one almost similar to that of a modern sniper rifle after being fired and loaded so a bullet can be put into its firing chamber for the next shot.
  • After the Omega Cannon, the Imperialist is the slowest-firing weapon in Metroid Prime Hunters.