Industrial-Grade Pesticide

Samus finds the room filled with pesticide.

Industrial-Grade Pesticide is toxic gas used to rid areas of unwanted creatures. Seen only in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, it suffocated a group of Splinters in Hive Chamber A. Three Federation Marines were also killed due to a malfunction with Gate A1's locks. When Samus Aran enters Hive Chamber A, the pesticide is still being dispensed. However, it cannot harm her. The pesticide appears to be a green gas of sorts.

Related Scans

Pesticide ventilation system
"Object scan complete. Device is part of a ventilation system, converted to dispense pesticide. System is still active. Pesticide supply at 13% and dropping."
Dead Splinters
"Terminated bioform scan complete. Codex genome match: Splinter. Source of termination: inhalation of Industrial-Grade Pesticide. Toxic elements still present in local atmosphere. Maintain suit lockdown for effective life support."
Computer terminal
"Ventilation system conversion complete. Dispensing of pesticide has commended. Pesticide is proving effective. Hostile forces decreasing in number, though still at critical numbers."
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