The Ing Hive (known as Dark Horeito in the Japanese release) is the center of Ing activity and the Dark Aether version of the Sanctuary Fortress. It is an enormous technological building overlooking what appears to be a poisonous ocean. The Hive Temple is guarded by Quadraxis, as well as many other Darkling-possessed mechanoids. As its name implies, it is the only known place that contains Ing Larva Swarms, possibly making the Hive the birth place of all Ing classes.

Areas and main rooms[]

Like its light version, the Ing Hive is clearly divided into two main areas:

Lower level[]

Its rooms form a "T" shape and some are completely isolated.

Main rooms[]

Upper level[]

Like the light version, the upper level is only accessible through two elevators from the lower level. The Hive Summit is completely isolated from the rest of the structure, only accessible by portals in the Aerie.

Main rooms[]

Development notes[]

In Jack Mathews' opinion, the Ing Hive and Sanctuary Fortress were most differentiated by their different lighting and texture models. He indicated that Retro Studios was able to individualize these areas to a larger extent than other parts of Aether/Dark Aether, due to time constraints.[1]


  • Moons are visible in artwork for the Ing Hive, yet they are never seen there in-game because of the thick, purple-clouded (and later red) atmosphere.
  • Lightning storms begin to plague the outdoor sections of the Ing Hive after Samus removes its portion of Dark Aether's planetary energy, although they are less intense than the lightning that occurs in the Light and Dark Agon Wastes when those areas lack their energy. No lightning of this type ever strikes Samus in Echoes.
  • The theme of the Ing Hive is internally named Dark World Cliffside.

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