The Ing Horde is the name given to the main military and governing body of the Ing species during their war with the Luminoth. It is composed of pure Ing and Darklings, the latter which are composed of a large variety of beings such as wildlife, mechanoids and even extraterrestrial lifeforms. Little is known about the Horde's internal structure, politics, or governing methods, although the Emperor Ing appears to be the ultimate leader.

It is known through direct dialogue with U-Mos, as well as scannable rooms and lore, that the Ing are organized in a form of tribal or clan system. They use brutal methods such as fighting amongst themselves to attain rights and to climb up the ranks. While the Horde only truly controlled the planet of Dark Aether, they also were able to secure significant amounts of territory on Light Aether throughout the course of the war. Despite its formidable power and military strength, the Ing Horde met its end when Samus destroyed the Ing and their homeworld.


  • U-Mos refers to the Ing as a "dark tribe" [1] and a statue in the Torvus Bog commemorates the slaying of a Horde "war chief".
  • U-Mos also refers to the Ing Hive as the "heart" of the Ing species[1], indicating that the Horde's government may be based there. However, Emperor Ing is to be found in the Sky Temple, making it another possible center of government. It is also possible that the hive is referred to as the heart for being the area where Ing Larvae are produced.
  • Scans of the Ingworm Cache state that the creatures are "assign[ed] as storage bearers by the Ing Horde".

References Edit

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