In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Inglets are small Ing that serve as the Horde's labourers. They are not well-equipped for combat, but can still shapeshift into the characteristic Ing blob form, as well as fire a small chunk of dark matter to defend themselves. When they take a solid shape, their main body and/or eye seems to be a glowing red mass wrapped in black vines, a trait seen in other types of Ing. They often travel in large swarms, and are a nuisance for Samus as they sometimes inhabit places where her Morph Ball must stay attached to Spider Ball Tracks.

Inglets are vulnerable to just about any (if not all) of Samus's weaponry. A fully charged shot from the Power Beam is usually enough to destroy an Inglet. As these creatures are of Dark origin, strong energies of Light will dispatch them easily (such as Light Crystals/Light Beacons or any type of beam fired from the Light Beam, the latter of which can vaporize an Inglet within a single shot). Though an Entangler shot will not freeze them, it will cause these creatures to flinch in pain from the harmful Dark Energy released. The Dark Visor is capable of tracking their movements while they are in liquid form. If a Super Crystal/Beacon is present, the Inglets will become completely stationary within their puddle form until the energy dissipates. Overall an Inglet has precisely 20HP (Hard/Hypermode).

The Phaz-Ings of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption bear an uncanny resemblance to Inglets, both in appearance and behavior, suggesting a connection between them.


Logbook entry[]


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Morphology: Inglet
Worker drone of the Ing Horde. Wall-crawling, morphing bioform. Strongly dislikes bright light.

Logbook entry

Inglets perform the menial labor of the Horde, but can be pressed into a combat role if there is need. They are amorphous blobs, capable of clinging to nearly any surface. Inglets can fire bursts of dark matter in self defense, though they prefer to avoid battle. They seldom travel alone, and can be dangerous in large numbers. As with all Ing, they dislike bright light, and will avoid it if possible.


  • The resemblance between Phaz-Ings and Inglets has caused belief among fans that the former are the ancestors to the entire Ing race.
  • The Emperor Ing's first form in the battle with Samus resembles an overgrown Inglet.
  • Enemies heavily resembling Inglets have appeared in the game The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, sent after Link by the final boss, Bellum. Similar to the battle with Emperor Ing, it seems their main purpose in the battle is to be destroyed to provide ammunition and health.
  • When hit with the Phazon Beam (via hacking), Inglets in solid form will be defeated yet frozen in place. Their bodies will then explode if hit by any other type of weaponry.