Ingsmasher missile launchers are carried by Ingsmashers and are used by them to fire high-yield explosive Missiles at foes. It can be destroyed and scanned separately from the Ingsmasher itself much like the Plasma Artillery Cannons carried by Elite Pirates in Metroid Prime.

When the Ingsmasher attacking Samus is about to fire missiles, it wil bend over and lean upon the orbs on its arms. It then fires rapid-fire bursts of white and blue glowing missiles, which explode in a bright flash of the same color. Due to the sluggish movements of the Ingsmasher and the slow targeting, these missiles are very easy to avoid, especially by dashing.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Object scan complete. Unit is an Ingsmasher missile launcher. Shoulder-mounted combat system. Fires high-yield explosive missiles."

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