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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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This is the ultimate soldier, the definition of perfection! Integra!

Integra (インティグラ Intigura?) was the "ultimate soldier" according to its creators, the Dominion. Part of the Ultimate Warrior Project, these mechanisms were the most powerful weapon made by the Dominion. Its appearance was loosely based on Samus Aran, with a head most resembling her helmet. However, it was larger and bulkier than her, and had four arms, two normal and the other two Arm Cannons. It was resistant to Samus' Plasma Beam and capable of unleashing multiple Power Bombs at once. As it was about to finish her, Samus mocked its apparent lack of intelligence, as she planted a bomb in its Arm Cannon without it noticing. With increased strength, Samus finally destroys Integra by shooting it with a Super Missile.

Moving on into the facility, Samus finds herself surrounded by thousands of mass produced Integras, but her newly enhanced fighting strength allows her to deal with them more easily.

Returning to the galactic ruins after narrowly escaping death, Joey, Diesel and Knight are ambushed by an army of Integras. Zegan Doh and Bomad, two previously defeated adversaries, suddenly intervene and hold the robots off, allowing the trio to continue their search for Samus.

Design notesEdit

Integra concept

"Samus Aran Model, Ultimate Warrior Project: complete body integration

Finally, the completed battle bioroid! (It's a robot that is two parts biological and eight parts mostly mechanical.) Its armor and power exceed the numbers from Samus's data, but it lost to the real Samus. In other words, their data wasn't from the real thing...

The destroyer arms on both sides fire high pressure cannon energy bombs. The main arms are equipped with vibroblades. The head is equipped with an antipersonnel machinegun. The science lab of the Dominion that researched Samus also probably tore their hair out over the Morph Ball... the Chozo are incredibly advanced!

The head design changed a little from when I made the design sketches. The mass production model has also seen a massive reduction in performance. They make an effective combat unit."