The intelligence team is a presumably civilian team of intelligence operatives working for the Galactic Federation. They are mentioned in later mission briefings in Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

General Alex Miles reports after M14: Tremor that the team is working overtime to decode encrypted Space Pirate messages sent by Samus Aran in her last transmission before the Federation loses contact with her. The team continues to decrypt the messages through M19: Incursion and M20: Insurrection, finally completing the process prior to M21: The Core. However, by that point the Federation Force has discovered what the messages would have revealed: the presence of a Transfer Device on each of the three planets in the Bermuda System (Excelcion, Bion and Talvania).

Whilst decrypting the messages, the intelligence team also uncovers a Laboratory on Talvania where the Space Pirates have been breeding Metroids (M17: Infestation) and then their headquarters on Talvania. Both of these strongholds are then destroyed by the Federation Force.

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