Dark/Light Portals allow living beings to travel to Dark Aether without being scattered throughout the interdimensional void. They are unstable, however, and only remain viable for limited periods of time. Some can be reactivated, while others vanish forever once they are used.

—Dark/Light Portal Logbook entry

The interdimensional void is the aberrant plane that separated Aether and Dark Aether in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Samus Aran frequently passes through this void during her mission. While normally, matter would be de-compiled and irretrievably scattered throughout the void, Samus is able to use Portals that are capable of transferring her and other living beings safely between dimensions through the void.

The void appears as a dense black and purple fog. Using the Portal, Samus' body is deconstructed into particles moments after entering the Void and re-materialized after reaching the destination dimension. As of Echoes, the interdimensional void is inaccessible due to the destruction of Dark Aether, thereby causing all Portals on Aether to vanish.

It should be noted that whenever Samus enters the void in Echoes, she will always have the Power Beam in the cutscene regardless of which beam she had equipped when she entered. Also, when Samus turns into small particles, the original Varia Suit coloration will be displayed even after she acquires the Dark and Light Suits.