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The "Interior entrance" is a room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The entrance is a small indoor room in the shape of a half hexagon. In the center of the floor is a glass pane with lava visible beneath it, and a terminal on the back wall. The terminal controls the lava level, and it must be used to drain the lava so that passage inside the Crater Interior is possible. As the lava drains, at least two grates can be seen in the wall, suggesting that the lava was flowing into the shaft from an unknown source.

In the right and left walls of the room are entrances to tunnels. Using the right tunnel leads to an Energy Part, while using the left tunnel leads under the glass pane and into the Crater Interior.

Samus fighting the Zebesians.

It is entered after escaping a corridor onto which the volcano's ash rains down. When Samus enters the room, she is attacked by six Cyborg Zebesians. The door locks and the terminal cannot be used while the Zebesians are alive, forcing Samus to destroy them in order to proceed. Initially there are four, and the other two appear as the rest are killed. The close quarters nature of the room makes it a perfect opportunity for Samus to dispatch the Zebesians with "juggled" Overblasts.

After the Pirates are dispatched, and Samus uses the terminal, the lava will drain. A Morph Ball launcher at the bottom of the drop into the Crater Interior will leads Samus back into this one. Using it propels Samus through the glass pane, shattering it. Afterwards, the room remains empty and Samus can drop down the shaft to reach the Crater Interior.

Connecting rooms[]



Samus collects the Energy Part.

Energy Part
Samus must roll through the tunnel in the right wall to find this part under the floor.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 81
"The next room has a computer console along the far wall. As you approach it, several Zebesians attack! Use Overblast attacks to put them out of commission, then use the computer to drain the lava from below the room. The computer also unlocks the two small hatches on both sides of the room."
Energy Part!:"In Morph Ball mode, roll into the open vent on the room’s right side and follow it around to an Energy Part!"