Inventory Prime

Samus' Inventory in Metroid Prime.

Inventory Corruption

Samus' Inventory in Metroid Prime 3 Corruption.

Samus Aran's Inventory is a data storage center similar to her Logbook, containing current information about the various items, powerups and equipment Samus is in possession of in the Prime Series. The Inventory's main purpose is to provide Samus with more detailed descriptions of her weaponry and equipment, which she can view at any time through her Visor. Samus herself also adds notes to each of the entries on how to use the particular item. Like her Logbook, the style of the Inventory changes between the games, but its function remains the same. The Samus Screen of other games is similar.

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Metroid Prime manualEdit

"From this screen, you can view Samus and read additional information about Samus's current state, from the details of her power-ups to the abilities of her weapons. Simply select what you want to learn about and press the A Button to bring up an informational display."

Team ToolkitEdit

Team Toolkit

The Team Toolkit in Metroid Prime: Federation Force serves as the game's Inventory. It is here that the Federation Force can load their Mechs with AUX ammo or change MODs; which items they equip decides whether they will serve in support, offense or assist roles during the mission. Only a certain amount of items can be carried by a Mech at once, although the Capacity Boost MOD can increase this as long as it is equipped before starting the mission. In multiplayer matches, the Force has two minutes to stock up on items and prepare for deployment; when playing alone, there is no time limit.


  • In Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, there was an error in the scan of the Fuse Hint Scanbots on the G.F.S. Valhalla. The scans give information on the missing Energy Cells that power the various systems on the ship. When scanned, the text says that the information has been downloaded to the Logbook for further review, when in fact, they were downloaded to the Inventory instead. This may cause some confusion amongst gamers, who may be unable to locate the Energy Cells thanks to this misleading message.
  • In the E3 2004 demo of Metroid Prime Hunters, the "Player Log-in" screen looks similar to the Inventory screen in Metroid Prime.[1]

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