A Chozo Statue holding an Item Sphere in Super Metroid.

Usually found within the firm grasp of a Chozo Statue, an Item Sphere holds a power-up for Samus Aran to equip. She merely needs to shoot the Item Sphere with any beam or missile to reveal the power-up contained within. In Metroid: Samus Returns, Item Spheres are replaced with Big Aeion Orbs after their respective items have been acquired, similar to Aeion Ability Artifacts.

Glowing orbsEdit

Diffusion Beam

The Diffusion Beam in glowing orb form.

A similar object called a glowing orb (as named on page 61 of Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition) is found twice in Metroid: Other M. While most items are already in Samus's possession and authorized by Adam Malkovich, the Diffusion Beam and Seeker Missiles are still obtained by defeating enemies and collecting the physical items, in the form of these orbs.

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If Examined, the message "Details Unknown" will appear in the HUD. Unlike Item Spheres, Samus does not shoot them open, and instead kneels down to touch them. Doing so causes her Power Suit to flash with energy, which also happens when she collects an expansion in the game.

False Item SpheresEdit

  • The Arachnus fought in Metroid II: Return of Samus and its remake, Metroid: Samus Returns curls itself up to resemble an Item Sphere. The creature jumps out and attacks Samus when she tries to shoot it.
  • In the Torizo battles in Super Metroid, the statues will drop Item Spheres that are actually bombs.
  • The Elephant Bird in Metroid Fusion holds a fake Item Sphere, which is revealed when Samus shoots it.

Metroid II: Return of Samus manualEdit

"Usually, the power items (except missile type and energy type items) are hidden in an Item Sphere. Shoot the Item Sphere with a beam to make the item appear, then touch it to equip."


  • In the Super Metroid manga strip The Chozo Statue, Samus finds a Chozo Statue holding an Item Sphere. Samus admires its roundness before shooting it. It reveals a Missile Tank. Despite her commander's protests, Samus walks away without collecting it, saying, "Eh, it's not round anymore."
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