I have detected a fortress in the sky high above Hanubia. He must be there. The time has come. Samus, fulfill your destiny.

Raven Beak as ADAM

Itorash is a Mawkin Chozo craft stationed on ZDR. It is Raven Beak's personal vessel, and remains airborne above Hanubia during Samus's mission on ZDR. It is the final area of Metroid Dread.


Power Ups[]

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Metroid Dread[]

Main Rooms[]

The area of Itorash explored by Samus is considerably small. It includes the capsule transport room, a Save Station, and an Elevator room leading to Raven Beak's throne room (though it is initially disguised as a Network Station). Samus then battles Raven Beak in the chamber.

Once Samus fully awakens her Metroid powers, she begins absorbing the energy of Itorash along with Raven Beak's. This causes the flying fortress to lose power and crash into Hanubia, where it is utterly destroyed. It is also implied that Itorash's crash landing into Hanubia acted as the catalyst for ZDR's destruction.