Jamming Beacon 3

Samus disables a beacon in Bryyo Thorn Jungle.

Jamming beacons are a type of technology used to block wireless communications. They are believed to have been developed and designed by Space Pirates. They are only present in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

These devices are used to prevent communications via radio and similar wavelengths. Samus encounters several of these devices, all of which were being used by the Space Pirates in order to prevent communications while building their turrets on Bryyo. In these cases Samus had to deactivate them so that she could call in her Gunship. They could be easily deactivated by the Grapple Lasso, however this would only bring them offline temporarily. If Samus did not succeed in disabling them all and calling in her ship they would reset. When active, the device is situated at a slant and projects an orange hologram of a satellite dish. When disabled, the hologram deactivates and the top part extends upwards.

Only three beacons in the entire game appear in the Temple of Bryyo and the Ancient Courtyard. They appeared to be strategically planned by the Pirates to prevent Ship Missile strikes, either towards Maldium walls or Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamats". They were heavily guarded by Pirate forces.


"Jamming beacon is interrupting remote-control systems. Cannot use the Command Visor while it is active."


If Samus deactivates the jamming beacon in Ancient Courtyard and then calls in her Gunship just before the beacon reactivates, the attack will be successful and the beacon will be destroyed, however, its whirring sound effect will still play. This can be fixed by exiting and re-entering the room. It is unknown if this occurs in other rooms.


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