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Jatsuk (ジャシク Jashiku?) is a forest planet home to a race of brown creatures with an exceptional talent for crafting and repairing machinery. It is the home planet of Diesel. First mentioned in Volume 1 of Samus and Joey, it does not make an appearance until chapter 4 of Metroid EX, when Diesel and his friends Samus Aran and Joey Apronika crash-land here. Diesel had previously been seen inhabiting a large space station and working out of a junk shop he had there, the Junk Quixote.

Diesel mentions that he left Jatsuk when his race stopped creating machinery. His teacher, Papa Lightning, explains that their machines were used in warfare (presumably by the Dominion), and to avoid contributing to violence, the race locked away their talents and moved to Jatsuk, a remote planet. One of Greed's Deadly Six Stars, Blast, attacks the planet with a bomb set to detonate in twenty minutes. Diesel's race restore their machine-making talents and create a missile out of the bomb using parts of Samus Aran's Gunship, which is fired on Blast. The race decides to resume making technology, thinking of the positive ways it will be used.


  • The image of the Gunship entangled in vines (pictured above) is similar to the Gunship's cameo in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

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