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Jeff McCloud (ジェフ · マクロード Jefu Makurōdo?) (referred to by his comrades as Glasses or Glasses Boy) is the Engineer of Bravo Team in Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether. He wears an engineer's mask even when not engineering.

One of four survivors from the Splinter attack (in the game from which the manga is based, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, there are no survivors), Jeff emerged with the other three survivors of the team after Samus killed a Dark Alpha Splinter, and was seen being supported by Lily Thran. Introducing himself to Samus, he informs her that their comm link had been destroyed, and he could not repair it as it was "not his specialty".

When the group is moving toward the Generator Room to restore power, Jeff urges the distressed Klaus Schneider to move faster. Shortly after a Dark Trooper attack, Jeff announces he has restored power. Lily then jokes that "Glasses Boy" didn't think he could do it. Jeff was last seen fleeing the generator after a dimensional rift was revealed. He was one of the "guardians of the light", along with his comrades, as described by U-Mos. Jeff calculates that if the Ing were not destroyed, they would overtake another planet four days from the present time, and then the galaxy in less than three months. He is the first to run after Miguel Luis Garcia, and later is rendered unable to walk from an acid burn caused by a Sandigger.

In the final battle, Jeff is brutally killed by large creatures along with the other survivors. They are posthumously honored by the Luminoth.


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  • His last name is a possible reference to Fox McCloud, from the Star Fox series.
  • Jeff's PDA resembles a Nintendo DS.
  • A possible reason why Jeff wears the mask all the time is because he is blind, and the mask helps him see, similarly to the VISOR famously worn by Geordi La Forge in the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • His visor resembles the one worn by the Marvel superhero Cyclops.

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