The Jousting Field is a room in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption found in the Thorn Jungle region of the planet Bryyo. It is here that Samus encounters and kills the Korakk Beast and its Hussar. Two falls of Fuel Gel leading into a small pool of the substance can be seen in the room, in two corners. The room is bordered by Bryyonian foliage and is open to the sky. After Samus destroys the Leviathan Shield Generator in the Jungle, a derelict Space Pirate Assault Skiff can be found ablaze in the middle of the area with an Advanced Pirate Trooper and a Pirate Militia (presumably the survivors of the ship). Scanning the ship reveals that it appears to have been caught in the explosion from the shield generator.

Connecting rooms[]


Before Korakk battle[]

During battle[]

After battle[]

Samus battles a standard and Shield Pirate Militia in the Jousting Field.

After Seed Shield Generator's destruction[]

After Leviathan's destruction[]


Crashed Space Pirate Assault Skiff
"Crashed vessel appears to have been caught in the explosion from the shield generator."
Energy shield
"Energy shield engaged. Eliminate all hostiles in the area to lower the shields."


  • The fight against the Korakk can be significantly shortened by luring it into the Fuel Gel in the arena, causing it to be killed in seconds.
  • After destroying the shield generator, many Space Pirate ATCs can be seen flying away from the area.


The name of this room refers to jousting in times such as the Middle Ages. This is further reflected in the Korakk battle, where the Pirate Hussar is mounted on the Korakk similar to a horse, and wields a Phazon Energy Lance, much like knights participating in jousting.