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Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Judge Racklas is a Federal Judge of the Galactic Federation Circuit Court. He has only appeared in Breakout, one story of the Captain N: The Game Master comic series.


Judge Racklas was a new Federal Judge at the time of his capture by Mother Brain.

After Mother Brain captured Racklas, she sent her mini-boss Ridley, who is of the same species, to take his place and charge Princess Lana with Mother Brain's crimes (forty-six counts of Galactic Piracy, twenty-eight counts of Armed Planetary Robbery, eighteen counts of Solar Assault, fifteen counts of Star Smuggling, and 1,387 unpaid Space Parking Tickets). Captain Dare apprehended Lana and brought her to court, where Samus recognized Ridley and tried to attack him. As the false Judge Racklas, Ridley sentenced Samus and Lana to a life sentence on RX 338.

The real Judge Racklas was bound in rope and held prisoner on Metroid, where Mother Brain gloated about the success of her plan. Racklas was later rescued by Kevin Keene, who had discovered what happened to Lana and Samus.


  • Judge Racklas's character art is based on the original concept art for Ridley in Metroid's instruction manual. The two characters look identical in the comics, which is a major plot point in this storyline.
  • The real judge is only shown bound in a single frame of the comic, with his rescue merely summarized in dialogue. Most of the comic only shows Ridley impersonating him.
  • Judge Racklas is the first depiction of a Space Dragon other than Ridley. Coincidentally, Metroid contains an unused second Space Dragon who impersonates Ridley, while Breakout features the opposite scenario. Although no other Space Dragons have appeared yet in canonical media, Samus & Joey would revisit this concept with Greed.