For the room in Dark Agon Wastes, see Judgment Pit.

Judgment Drop is a room in the Ing Hive in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. A large chasm, it features several Grapple Points to go across, though on return visits the Screw Attack can be used to get across.

The Aether version of this room is Grand Abyss.

Connecting rooms[]


6 Dark Preed
"Morphology: Dark Preed
Darkling-possessed gas-filled cyborg.
Darkling enhances target's durability. Destruction of outer body will release a highly toxic cloud."


Grapple Point
"System: Grapple Point
Unit is a viable attach point for the Grapple Beam.
To use the Grapple Beam, use L when the Grapple Point symbol.png icon appears."
Portal (inactive)
"This rift portal is inactive.
The portal field can be energized with light energy. Walk into an energized portal to transport to Aether."
Portal (active)
"This portal is active.
Walk into the portal to initiate return transit to Aether."